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How can I update my Epson Stylus Pro printer firmware?

  1. Open a web page and go to https://epson.com/Support/Printers/sh/s1
  2. Search your printer model
  3. Make sure you have the right operating system selected
  4. Select Utilities and download the Remote Panel Utility
  5. Go back and select Firmware and download the latest version
  6. Install the Remote Panel utility
  7. Execute the Firmware download to decompress the files, note the directory where the firmware files are saved.
  8. Start the Remote Panel Utility, select the right printer model and choose Firmware Updater
  9. It’s important you don't let the software automatically check for Firmware updates. Simply browse to the firmware files and select it.
  10. Make sure your printer is selected by checking the box and click update.

Note that the firmware update can take a few minutes. When you get a message on your computer that the update is done the printer actually still as to complete the update and reboot. This is done automatically.

For those who prefer; a detailed YouTube video showing this procedure is also available through this link.

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