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PRO Inks

PRO Inks

Veramax Pro : The first Epson Stylus Pro replacement ink combining proofing industry's critical chromatic requirements and professional photographers' necessary lightfastness expectancy.

100% compatible with the Epson K3 Ultrachrome inks ; the Veramax Pro ink is shipped in original ink cartridges meticulously recycled, supplying many advantages : 

- No purging required
- On the fly replacement
- No chromatic drifting 
- Use the original microchip

The Veramax Pro ink is light, water and scratch resistant. It resolves other ink’s clogging, bronzing and metamerism typical issues. Although its drying time is as fast as the original Epson ink, the Veramax Pro ink will contribute to the printer’s ink distribution system cleanliness.

Finally a reliable and economical ink option !